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Hamriyah Terminal

Advanced Storage Solutions, Unmatched Flexibility.

Operational Capacity and Tanks





Valor International Terminal FZE is a State of the Art Oil Storage terminal facility in Hamriyah Freezone Phase 1 established in 2020 with Storage capacity of 116,824 cbm. Terminal is incorporated with 17 Storage tanks out of which 50,000 CBM for storing Class1 product; we are handling CLASS 1,2 & 3 Products. We have 16” AND 18” dock line to Main harbor hamriyah with draft of 12.5m Depth. We have a proposed 8” pipeline to Inner harbor. An automated batch flow control system is coupled to the terminal truck loading process. Flexible and fiercely competitive logistical solutions are made possible by this infrastructure.
We provide all-inclusive petroleum product handling and storage services. Gas oil, Base oil, Kerosene, Gasoline, Naphtha, LSFO, HSD, and other goods are handled primarily at our facility, guaranteeing safe storage and effective delivery. In addition, we offer customized services including pipeline transfers to nearby Terminals, Inter-tank transfers, Truck loading and Unloading facilities, and receipt and delivery to ships.


The first stage of 20,000 bpd of state-of-the-art-refinery is set to complete in Q3 2024. The fully automated facility was designed according to the latest European and International standards and regulations to minimize carbon footprint via implementing energy-efficient technologies.
The deep conversion refinery will be located next to Valor International Terminal which has a storage capacity of 116,824 CBM and connected to Hamriyah Port main marbor. This unique positioning enables us to offer our customers a reliable and fully integrated supply chain, from production and blending, to storage and delivery.

Asset Ownership & Operational Management

We are the proud owners and operators of a 120,000 CBM Class I oil terminal in Hamriyah Free Zone. It is a recently built, fully fledged, modern facility with maximum operational flexibility.

Technology & Operations

By harnessing the power of technology and innovation we can efficiently perform very labor intensive and time-consuming tasks seamlessly. Furthermore by utilizing the technology of robotics we have been able to eliminate any human safety hazards.

Valor International FZE


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